La plateforme qui booste ton business de formation en ligne

Easily create and host your online courses
Collect sales with payment methods adapted to your needs (CB, CPF, payment in installments)
Manage your paperwork quickly, very well. No headaches, no headaches



Simple and intuitive, MyKlub is the training platform for you and your students

Videos, audios, PDFs, texts, MCQ assessments and free assessments: thanks to its ultra simple and intuitive training builder, MyKlub allows you to create, host and publish your training courses to your learners.

Videos, audios, PDFs, texts, MCQ assessments and free assessments: thanks to its ultra simple and intuitive training builder, MyKlub allows you to create, host and publish your training courses to your learners.


The Trainer Dashboard allows you to track your activity and that of your learners in real time.

Track your revenue, number of learners, training completion percentages of your active learners.
Tu as accès à tout en un coup d’oeil :
assessments awaiting correction, questionnaires, CPF registration requests or connection logs.

mykadem mes documents interface
mykadem mes documents interface
vues detaillées
Detailed views

Learners, Questionnaires and Assessments tabs provide access to the finest level of detail.

In addition to knowing the details of each learner, you will be able to track their progress levels and assessment results.
Thanks to this, you will know if there is an action to take with a learner. Example: an evaluation to correct.

You can also manage the administrative follow-up at a glance.


vues detaillées


catalogue myklub
The catalog

Take advantage of a catalog page to present your courses on your subdomain and share it on all your social networks.

Tu peux entièrement personnaliser ton catalogue avec ton branding : ton logo, tes couleurs, tes formations sont sur ton catalogue, partage-le pour diriger tes prospects vers ta page de vente et d’inscription.

catalogue myklub
detailed view of a course

The detailed view of a training course so that the prospect has all the necessary information and clicks on "start the course" with peace of mind

La vue détaillée d’une formation contient toutes les informations nécessaires pour aider le prospect a passer a l’achat. C’est ici que se trouve ta page de vente et d’inscription détaillée.
In addition, MyKlub has built it to be Qualiopi and DREETS compliant.

interface de choix de paiement mykadem

The payment methods are adapted to your needs and those of your learners.

Several scenarios are possible thanks to payment by credit card in one go, in 3 instalments or registration via the CPF.

Une meilleure expérience paiement pour tes clients, cela veut dire un meilleur taux de conversion. Nous avons pensé à tout pour t’aider booster tes ventes !

interface de choix de paiement mykadem


Administrative automation

MyKlub gère toute ta paperasse!

The hours wasted generating contracts, agreements, certificates of training completion, invoices (and so on) are a thing of the past! 

MyKlub handles all this paperwork automatically for you and your learners, with electronic signature included of course.

And so you focus on the essential: you take action and share your expertise!

Compliant documents

Contractual content in accordance with DREETS and Electronic Signature.

All the useful documents for a training eligible for state funding are not only generated automatically but we also make sure they are updated to comply with the regulations in force. All this thanks to our legal team.

mykadem mes documents interface
The documents area

Available to trainers and learners.

Learners are autonomous in retrieving the documents that concern them: contract or agreement, training certificate, invoice.
And you run a highly professional and productive organization.

mykadem mes documents interface

Just imagine...

MyKlub is simplicity at your fingertips

You are a customer of ours

You've created your first course - by the way it rocks - and you're sharing your MyKlub catalog page on your social networks.

It works great!

Your raving followers land on your payment page (still in MyKlub, yes yes!) and the majority complete the payment process.

Without MyKlub, the headache begins!

What payments can I collect right now?
What payments do I have to wait 14 days for?
And on top of that, I have to do the paperwork before I can collect the money?

We take care of everything!

Et bien sachez qu’avec MyKlub ça ne se passera pas comme ça ! On s’occupe de tout à votre place !

What we do for you

Validation of the payment method
Immediate payment or with a 14 day delay (DREETS compliance required!)
Generation of the contract and/or the pre-signed agreement on the trainer side is sent to the learner.
Access to the training is automatically unlocked on the day of payment.
We can do almost anything for you.

See you soon at the Hammock

But... you'll have to get out of the hammock to grade the assessments and answer your learners' questions!

Reassure the undecided

Another thing! If at the time of payment, you have lost someone on the way (we all know how it is with conversion rates), don't panic! 
Because in your dashboard you will know who these undecideds are, you will have their contact information and you will be able to make your sales pitch to get them back.

MyKlub loves you !

Manage your online training business with peace of mind!

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Tutorials to help you

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Software created by certified trainers

We manage

You focus on your expertise

Trainers' opinions

"Avec MyKlub, mettre sa formation en ligne est d'une facilité déconcertante. Tout y est simple et intuitif que cela devient un plaisir."
Myriam L.
"Visionnaire : c’est le mot que j’utiliserais pour caractériser la belle plateforme de formation MyKlub ! Tout a été pensé du point de vue du formateur, pour lui faciliter la vie, lui permettre de créer, vendre ses formations et organiser tout ce qu’il faut."
Sarah, Madame la Juriste
Juriste et Formatrice
Essaie GRATUITEMENT pendant 21 jours

L'essayer c'est l'aimer alors réserve ta démo :

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