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MyKlub is the only online coaching platform and elerning made for trainers and coaches online by long-time web entrepreneurs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to subscribe

One of our co-founders has been a professional trainer for 6 years and she couldn't find a single platform that allows her to manage her trainings, her clients and her paperwork. And it's not for lack of looking! So she thought, “Why don't I create this solution? “. Quite simply.

MyKlub is My club but more musical. Quite simply.

You have decided to test our solution and you will not regret it! After registering for our trial version, you have access to all the features of our platform free of charge for 14 days, which is generally more than enough time to create training and sell it according to our feedback. experience. And if you decide to continue with us, you will be charged for your first payment 15 days after your registration.

Yes. With our partner STRIPE. You will be able to connect your Stripe account and sell your training. MyKlub then allows you to follow the payments in progress.

No. On the other hand MyKlub will give a lot of info to be and stay compliant if you already are. Articles, videos will elucidate on different subjects. But above all MyKlub is the only tool that has thought of putting the ingredients to easily manage your body in accordance with Qualiopi.

I'm suscribed

You have access to information relating to your subscription in your MyKlub space -> explain more here.

This is possible if you want to switch from the monthly formula to the annual formula. Just send us an email at with the effective date of the new subscription and you will be debited for the annual amount as soon as the current month expires.

Just send us an email at  You can then choose to completely delete your account (so all training, learners, etc.) or leave it active if you want to come back and see us in a few months... And if you hesitate to unsubscribe because something is wrong, contact- us first to talk to us about it and see if we can find a solution*. .. and nurture a good relationship over time*./The opinions of our customers are precious, they help us improve our offer, our functionalities The entrepreneurial success of our trainers is our priority. Your feedback is valuable because it allows you to always improve MyKlub so that you reach your wildest ambitions.

When you unsubscribe, your request will be taken into account with one month's notice.