5 reasons to choose Myklub as your online training platform

5 reasons to choose MyKlub to boost your online training

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Today, there are many French-speaking online platforms to host your training program, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you are wondering about the choice of platform to host your first online training or to change it, you know that this choice is not trivial, both for the user experience of your students and for your experience as a trainer.

If, as a trainer, you want to offer your students an easy-to-use platform that allows you to interact with them while having access to features that facilitate the creation, management and sale of your programs in line, dIn this article, you will discover the 5 reasons why MyKlub is the platform you need to boost your online training.

MyKlub: an all-in-one e-learning and coaching platform

MyKlub is a complete solution for creating, selling and managing your online training programs.

With its intuitive builder and fluid, clean interface, publishing your online training on MyKlub is child's play, which will save you hassle with your computer.

What's more, the integration functionality with Google Drive will also allow you to optimize your time thanks to automatic updates which will save you a certain number of steps to update the content of your training. 


Personalization: the secret to successful training

With MyKlub, you can easily personalize your training programs to each client, in order to offer them a tailor-made learning experience.

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Indeed, thanks to integrated messaging and different types of evaluations, you can closely follow the progress of your students in a qualitative way, in particular with the free assessments which allow you to propose open questions, ideal for encouraging your students to think.

Thanks to its integrated messaging system accessible from the learner member area, you can communicate easily with your students, answer their questions and help them progress in their learning, all while avoiding the problems of emails getting lost in a box reception overloaded.

Where many online trainers rely on the quantity of clients, personalization is a real asset to stand out from the competition and retain your clients.

Creation and sale of hybrid programs: a unique solution

A major advantage of MyKlub: the possibility of offering hybrid offers, combining e-learning and coaching in one place.

MyKlub is the only French-speaking platform to offer this possibility in such a comprehensive way, allowing you to create real high-ticket offers that will surprise your customers with their quality.

With MyKlub, you no longer need to juggle between the online platform, the appointment booking tool, the video tool and emails, everything is grouped together in your students' member area.

Of course, if you wish, you can also sell your training programs and coaching programs independently.

Program sales: a simplified and flexible solution 

With MyKlub, selling your online training and coaching programs also becomes very easy.

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MyKlub offers payment by credit card via the payment processor Stripe but also bank transfer.

MyKlub also allows you to integrate other payment solutions (PayPal, ThriveCart, local payment methods). This allows you to sell your products abroad if you or your target live in a country where online payments are difficult to access. 

The personalized payment functionality is unique on an online training platform and will simplify the lives of many entrepreneurs who cannot use bank card payment solutions because their clients or themselves live in a country that does not. not having access. This is the case for many countries in Africa which have local payment methods. This makes it possible to offer any payment solution to register for your online programs.

Integrations: a flexible and open solution 

MyKlub offers integrations with several tools to further optimize your efficiency.

Integration with Zapier is ideal for connecting MyKlub to your marketing eco-system such as your website and your auto-responder.

The integration with Zoom means you no longer have to remember to send the connection link before each session.

Connecting with the Google suite allows you to connect your Google calendar in order to prevent your students from having access to your actual availability but also to benefit from the integration of your documents hosted on Google Drive.

Choose MyKlub as an online training platformis choosing an all-in-one solution to boost your online training activity and develop your high-ticket offers. Thanks to its flexibility, customization and numerous features, it allows you to create quality training programs, sell them easily, and optimally manage your clients' progress.

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