How to combine coaching and online training to boost your turnover

How to combine coaching and online training to boost your turnover

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Online training standards have evolved in recent years to provide even more humanization and personalization of courses. And combining coaching and online coaching training proves to be a powerful lever for propelling your activity to new heights. 

In this article, we will see why you too must combine coaching and online training, then we will see how MyKlub can help you implement this strategy which will allow you to accelerate the development of your coaching activity and/or online trainer.

The power of'ally online coaching and training

In today's world where digitalization is becoming increasingly important, including in the area of knowledge transmission and personalized support, combining coaching and online training is becoming essential. And that's good because this strategy also turns out to be powerful for significantly increasing your turnover and/or reducing your working time.

The limits of online coaching

When you are a coach, it is essential to go through the personalized 100% support stage with 1 to 1 and/or group sessions. However, as you must have already experienced it or will soon understand it, this way of proceeding is not completely optimal for you.

As a coach, you know that each session requires a lot of energy, which means that it is not possible to continue sessions without a break. You need time to recharge between each session.

Not to mention that as a web entrepreneur, you have other tasks to manage such as communication or administrative management.

Finally, we don't teach you anything by telling you that you are also limited by the number of hours in a day. 

So, when you are at your maximum appointment making capacity, you find yourself faced with a glass ceiling and your turnover stagnates.

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We reassure you, there are solutions to get out of this impasse, as we will see immediately.

The role of online training in developing your coaching activity

To overcome the limitations of online coaching, there is a simple solution that is completely complementary to coaching: online training.

Indeed, very quickly, online coaches notice one thing: certain coaching sessions are identical from one client to another. Over time, this becomes exhausting and boring for the coach who may feel like they are wasting their time.

And he's not wrong since the content common to all clients can be transformed into online training. 

This strategy, combining coaching and online training, has several advantages. Firstly, it allows a more personalized and targeted intervention by the coach on the individual needs of each client (or group).

Secondly, because support requires fewer sessions, you have more free time that you can use as you see fit, either to have more time for yourself or to manage other aspects of your business.

Finally, last advantage and not the least, it allows you to increase your turnover. In fact, you can offer your support at a higher price but also to a larger number of people if you wish to use your available time for this purpose.

Now that you understand the importance of creating an excellent offer, you are probably wondering how to put it in place.

MyKlub: the platform serving online coaches

MyKlub is the all-in-one online coaching and e-learning platform for online coaches and trainers who offer excellent offers. Let's see how MyKlub can help you offer yours in order to develop your turnover.

An all-in-one tool to offer an offer combining coaching and online training

With MyKlub, you will be able to surprise your customers by offering them a unique offer of excellence.

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With MyKlub, your customers will have access to a personalized space in which they will find: 

  • an online training space
  • a space dedicated to the personalized support section including:
    • a booking schedule for coaching sessions
    • a private messaging service to communicate with the coach
    • access to session reports 
    • access to session replays.

The intuitive MyKlub interface: simplification and efficiency at your service

Because you are a coach and not a web developer, MyKlub has been designed to offer a fluid, intuitive and easy-to-use interface for online coaches and trainers.

With MyKlub, it is very simple to build online training and put it on sale and monitor your students thanks to: 

  • to the intuitive builder that will allow you to put your training online without wasting hours or hair
  • to the unlimited offer of payment solutions proposed which will allow you to sell your offers throughout the world, including in regions without easy access to bank cards
  • to the different evaluation methods offered which will allow you to follow the progress of your students and provide them with truly personalized monitoring, in particular, thanks to free evaluations.

Furthermore, MyKlub gives you instant access to all the information you need to optimize the development of your online coaching business: 

  • your monthly turnover
  • the number of registered learners
  • your calendar showing upcoming appointments
  • messaging informing you of the latest messages from your customers

To discover MyKlub in practice, discover all its features in detail and take advantage of a 14-day free trial to test this platform dedicated to online coaches who aim for excellence.


To conclude, if you have been an online coach for some time and you now have precise knowledge of your avatar and you want to break the glass ceilings, the best option available to you is to combine coaching and online training in order to save time, while offering excellent offers at higher prices which will allow you to more easily achieve your turnover and therefore life objectives.

To do this, MyKlub, the platform designed for online coaches who encounter this problem, can become your ally to help you put in place an offer of excellence and offer your customers a quality customer experience. So ready to combine coaching and online training?

Turn your knowledge into income today!

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