Freelance trainer: how to properly manage your training organization?

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I see you ! 👀 Are you an independent trainer and are you tired of being told about the management of your training organization? No need to try, your training skills and a successful activity go hand in hand with optimized management of your training organization. So, to help you see things more clearly, MyKlub reveals everything you need to know to properly manage your training organization and why it's important.

In the program :

  1. What does it mean to be a freelance trainer?
  2. How to manage your training organization well?
  3. The challenges of good management of a training organization

What does it mean to be a freelance trainer?

The missions of the independent trainer

The independent trainer designs and delivers training. He shares his expertise, his knowledge and his knowledge. The self-employed status allows him not to be an employee of a training organization and therefore to enjoy greater autonomy in his missions and rates. As a general rule, training organizations prefer to use freelance trainers.

Steps to become a freelance trainer

There is no legal status to define what an independent trainer is. To become an independent trainer, you will of course have to declare your activity like any professional. This includes the creation of your company. It can be a micro-enterprise, a sole proprietorship or a company such as a SASU.

Subsequently, and as soon as your first training contract is concluded, you should legally create your own training organization:

  • By filing the registration declaration with the DREETS in your region. Your activity declaration number (NDA) will be given to you.
  • Obtain Qualiopi certification if you wish to be eligible for vocational training funding.

How to manage your training organization well?

As with any business management, managing a training center is not to be taken lightly. But rest assured, whether from an administrative, communication or financial point of view, nothing is insurmountable. ^^

The administrative management of a training organization

Obtaining Qualiopi certification and claiming public funding for training involves demonstrating great administrative rigor. These administrative obligations include:

  • the annual production of an educational and financial report which must be sent to the administration before May 31 in order to justify your professional training activity.
  • the mandatory documents to be given to your learners: training agreement or contract, training program, rules of procedure, invoice, etc.
  • The follow-up of signatures if the training takes place face-to-face or the connection records if it is an online training.

In addition to MyKlub, you can opt for the digitalization of your training follow-up by using a tool like NOTION which will allow you to create clear and precise administrative management processes. There are, of course, many other tools, but no matter which tool you choose, make sure you don't scatter and stay focused on a single management software;).

Marketing and communication of a training organization

It is not enough to exercise the activity of independent trainer or to have succeeded in the steps to be a training organization. You also have to sell yourself! And for that, you can count on networking, responding to calls for tenders and it works quite often! However, in the long term, your cash flow can sometimes be irregular. Especially since we are never safe from external factors that would have a severe impact on your activity... Hello Covid!

That's why, whether or not you offer online training, I strongly recommend that you have your own website. To do this, remember to communicate regularly about your activity by choosing the social network that suits you best. The idea is to have a steady flow of customers so as not to be afraid of a disillusioned tomorrow.


Financial management of a training organization

As with any business, the financial management of your training organization is important and must be optimized. However, beyond the classic management rules of a company, certain accounting management rules apply to a training organization. Each year, it is advisable to produce, in accordance with article L6352-6 of the Labor Code:

  • A balance sheet;
  • An income statement;
  • An annex.

Professional training services are integrated according to an accounting plan adapted to training organisations.

The challenges of good management of a training organization

Whether you are an independent trainer, recognized or not as a training organization, good management of your activity is decisive.

Gain credibility with partners and students

Good management of your training organization sends a positive signal to your students and your partners.

For example, if you offer your training online, before your student starts training, here is the management process that you can follow:

  • Telephone contact to validate the adequacy between your training offer and the needs of your client;
  • If it's OK, your future student validates his wish to train with you on the Personal Training Account site;
  • Subsequently, he receives his training contract, the program and the rules of procedure;
  • After the legal withdrawal period, he receives his identifiers and can therefore begin his training with you.

This simple and structured process reassures him and therefore also allows him to predict the quality of your training.

You must therefore be able to demonstrate to your partners, such as a bank, another training organization that would outsource training actions to you, that you manage your training organization effectively.

Ensure the sustainability of your training organization

The management of a training organization involves compliance with a number of legal obligations. It's simple: as soon as you receive public money, the legal requirements have an unfortunate tendency to increase. So much the better, it allows you to sort out those who are serious or not ;). But for you who want to be rigorous, it sometimes complicates things a bit... However, with a good management process, and for the most "administratophobic" (like me!), it's largely manageable.

The financial penalties in the event of non-compliance with legal obligations are quite heavy (up to €4,500 in the event of non-sending of the educational and financial report, etc.) so don't skip it! Ultimately, this could jeopardize your business!

If you need to be supported in the management of your training organization and be sure not to miss any of your legal obligations, I obviously recommend that you use the software Designed for online training pros, it will prove to be a real support on a daily basis!

Engage in a continuous improvement process

To be part of a process of continuous improvement (Hello Qualiopi!), we must therefore know where we are starting from and what deserves our attention. This is why adopting rigorous management of your training organization and following the right indicators is essential.

Key indicators include:

  • the satisfaction rate of your learners;
  • the time devoted to administrative management;
  • The consistency of your training offers;
  • Your conversion rate following your closing calls if you have implemented one…

Think about setting up a dedicated time in your schedule to do this follow-up and thus define the best actions to put in place or optimize to optimize the management of your training organization.

You can also refer to national quality reference which is a mine of valuable information for defining the right indicators needed to monitor your activity.

In short, the management of a training organization is often the bane of independent trainers. My best advice would therefore be to establish processes to best structure the monitoring and management of your activity. Ultimately, this will make things less painful and above all less time-consuming!

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