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The best tools for trainers to create, animate and sell their training

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Do you want to get into training and are you wondering about the best trainer tools to create, animate but also sell your training? The tools are there to help you optimize the impact of your training. From now on, offering quality training with top-notch content is not enough, you have to provide your learners with a memorable experience. So, there is no question of ignoring the tools that can help you with this while simplifying your task. Whether you are an online or face-to-face trainer, this article will help you finally see things clearly.

In the program :

  1. The best trainer tools to create training
  2. Tools for facilitating training
  3. The best trainer tools to sell training

The best trainer tools to create training

A project management tool like Notion or Clickup

Planning your training project alone can derail your training creation project. You have to think of your training as a project to gain clarity and move forward serenely. For this, I recommend two tools that have proven themselves:

In particular, you should list the main stages of your training creation and then, for each, list the associated actions.

For example, the main stages of the creation of your training are generally divided as follows:

  • The preparation then the resulting actions such as the definition of the training subject, the prospect surveys then of course the calendar associated with these actions;
  • The production of the content of the training with in particular content written taking into account the principles of andragogy, the creation of training materials, etc. ;
  • If it is an online training, the integration of the training on a training hosting platform such as (just an example)
  • Finally, the sale of the training thanks to an optimized sales funnel.

Remember to write down a date for each action to make sure you are really moving forward. I recently heard one of my learners say “what is not planned does not exist! », I found that to be terribly true ;).

One of the trainer's tools: Mind Mapping as Mindmeister

If your mind is teeming with ideas, thoughts that are constantly flying, then it's time to put some order in all that. Mind mapping is pretty amazing for structuring ideas and creating logical connections between them. For example, the mind map or mental map is very useful for drawing up the plan of your training.

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You can make a mind map directly on a sheet of paper but in the digital age, very good tools exist like mindmeister Or In addition to supporting you in the creation of your mindmap, you can also create a mental map to distribute to your learners so that they have an overview of your training.

A tool to collect the expectations of your future customers such as Google form or typeform

We still forget it too often, but you have to know your target customer inside out. For that, nothing better than to go and interrogate him. To keep track of your exchanges and be able to come back to them regularly, I advise you to create a survey using google form or typeform. It is often possible to create automations with your project management software to be informed as soon as a person answers your questionnaire and to make the most of the various responses.

In addition, this feedback is valuable to ensure that your training responds correctly to the problem identified.

A note-taking app like Evernote

Very often, when you are in the process of creating training, ideas do not make an appointment and can come at any time of the day ^^. The solution ? Either a small notebook, or an evernote or notion type application to write down everything that goes through your mind and come back to it as soon as you feel lacking in inspiration.

Tools for facilitating training

Write the first written draft of your training as Google doc

It may seem obvious, but before you start laying out your content, first create the content itself. To do this, I advise you to open a simple google doc page and then write the content of your training. This will allow you later to have easy access to what you have written without worrying that it has not been recorded;).

Image banks

Using images on its training materials makes them more lively and enjoyable. Royalty-free image banks are therefore perfect. Here are the best known:

Canva or Powerpoint to create slides in no time

Can go has recently offered to create presentation slides. The templates are very complete and will allow the less creative among you to create excellent presentations. The advantage of using Canva also lies in the fact that you can also manage all of your communication with content optimized for social networks, your blog, etc.

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Of course, Power point remains perfect for creating training presentation slides. It sometimes takes a little time to get started, but the presentations made with it are of good quality.

Whether it's canva or powerpoint, these are essential trainer tools, whichever one you choose.

For online training: record your voice using screenFlow or loom or imovie

If you opt for online training, you will need editing software to record your video presentation. The idea is to record your voice while recording your screen.

You can use :

  • loom ;
  • Imovie (for apple lovers ^^)
  • Can go also offers a solution to record your screen.

Choose a training hosting platform

As part of an online training, you will have to think about the hosting of your training or more exactly your training videos as well as the course materials if you offer them.

You can then choose to host your training directly on your site using an LMS. This is an extension to add to your site but the options are limited and the handling is complex. I chose this solution when I started but I pulled my hair out every time I wanted to make the slightest change., this promising start-up that is made for online trainers and coaches who want something simple and that automates management to save time. We wanted this platform to be intuitive and simple. Simple in the handling and which simplifies the life of the independent online trainer.

The best trainer tools to sell training

Sell face-to-face training

If there are two essential things to sell online training, I would mention:

  • An up-to-date and sufficiently powerful CV to prospect other training organizations, respond to calls for tenders, be referenced with OPCOs.
  • Have a business card to hand out at trade shows, after training to be contacted by other potential customers;
  • Have an up-to-date profile on Linkedln and a website (you can settle for a showcase site at first): even if you don't offer online training, having an online presence will allow you to be visible to your future clients. In addition, it allows you to "network" and therefore expand your opportunities!

Selling an online course

To sell an online training well, it is necessary to think about the sales funnel of this one. In other words, how are you going to turn a simple visitor into customers or even into an ambassador for your training? More than tools to have, it is therefore a reflection on the conversion path of your target prospect that you must have.

To guide you as best as possible, here is what you should bet on to sell your e-learning training:

  • Choose the right communication channel: Instagram, linkedln, YouTube;
  • A website optimized for conversion;
  • Training hosted on your site or a training hosting platform to allow your students to easily access it;
  • A list of qualified emails so as not to be dependent on social networks and to be able to exchange directly with your prospects.

With all these trainer tools, you are ready to create, animate and sell your training. Whatever tool you choose, the goal should always be to save time to offer a quality offer that really meets the needs of your target customer.

You have other tools to share, leave a comment under the article so that everyone benefits!

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